I Hate Cooking

Here’s a fabulous fact about me that I bet you didn’t know… I HATE COOKING! But I have to do it anyway. I don’t have the patience, nor the culinary skills. However, if you ask my husband, I bet he’ll tell you otherwise.

I really don’t like anything about cooking: the planning, the preparation, actually cooking it, then the clean-up… Can someone PLEASE hire a chef for me now?! I would LOVE to be served.

I started cooking when I was somewhere under the age of nine. I remember making the most disgusting thing ever (LOL). I used to watch cooking shows, and knew that dough was basically flour and water, well in my head – that’s all dough consisted of.

I set out to make my dough with literally just flour, water, and I added a little sugar as I was making a sort of pie. Of course a recipe was not guiding me on this journey… I WAS MAKING IT UP!

The filling of my… “pie”… was cinnamon, sugar, water, apples and raisins. I couldn’t wait until this was shoved in my dough with the edges pressed to look like those Hostess Apple Pies…


I wasn’t allowed to use the actual stove/oven combo, so I opted to use our toaster over with my mom’s permission. I put my creation in the oven and waited anxiously for it to turn golden brown. I remember it smelled delicious while it was cooking. Just about anything heating up with cinnamon provides an enticing aroma.

I wish I had a picture for you, but like I said I was under age nine. That was well over 25 years ago. So just try ti imagine it LOL… A gooey and brownish substance that smelled excellent, but didn’t look so appetizing.

I served this to my parents first. My mom tasted it, the look on her face didn’t exactly scream for more. And I don’t remember my dad’s reaction. Then I tasted it… the moment I’ve been waiting for was finally here… The verdict, it was terrible! I remember my mom encouraging me to keep trying. That was her personality, never to tell me that I couldn’t do something, but to never give up and keep at it. She would say something like, “that’s not your best, I know you can do better!” Then she would smile at me.

After that flavor didn’t taste exactly as I had planned, I chucked that thing in the trash and watched TV (I actually don’t know what I did afterwards). But I know I didn’t try to make another one of those things.

Since then, I would just try different ideas in the kitchen. I loved to eat in restaurants (I still do!). After trying a new food, I try to imitate that meal, and make up a “remix version” as I go. I want to make it “my own” and put my own spin on it. More often than not, it’s a job well done. But that doesn’t change the fact that I HATE COOKING!

With that in mind, I decided to start posting meals on my blog that I create along the way. Let me warn you, I’m a different type of cook… I don’t use measurements or time. I cook by taste and site. More often than not, a recipe is wrong (in my opinion) because the ovens cook differently, or the seasonings are bare minimum and I still need to add “stuff”. A recipe has always been a few guidelines for me to break the rules.

If you’re like me, or want to do more experimenting, try out some of these ideas that I’ll post for you // #ihatecooking



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