CHANTEL SINGS is #victorysimage!

  Chantel SinGs – Minneapolis, MN Q: Profession? What gets you out of the bed each morning? A: Radio Personality, Singer/Performer Q: What makes you feel victorious? A: Beating OVARIAN CANCER firstly. Also, I wear MANY different hats as a single mother and career driven woman. On any given day, my duties can change from single mother responsibilities, head of … More CHANTEL SINGS is #victorysimage!

Watch Your Words. They Become YOUR Reality.

How many of you say things like, “I’m so stupid”, “my life suck”, “FML”, “nothing good ever happens”,  “I’ll never get a husband/wife”, “I’ll never be able to afford buying a home”, “I’ll never be able to travel”, etc etc… If you do that, fine… But guess what?… That is exactly what you will attract more of … More Watch Your Words. They Become YOUR Reality.