Delicious Breakfast in St. Petersburg, FL

If you are looking for delicious breakfast in St. Petersburg, FL, you must check out Rae Rae’s Cafe. The food is sure to make your taste buds dance with delight.

From the outside, it’s easy to miss and overlook. It’s not exactly a sign that stands out and grab your attention.

o(Above photo found on Google)

But once you are inside, it’s a whole different story, and pleasant surprise. Feel free to bring your little ones with you, it’s relaxing and comfortable for the whole family.

Mix an industrial vibe with a country kitchen setting;  you have finally arrived at your favorite breakfast and lunch destination.


I overheard a conversation with a waitress and guest. She greeted him and asked if he’d like his usual… (awwwwww, it’s like watching family members interact). He switched up his order and wanted a pancake to accompany his “usual meal”.


Behind this pay station are bar stools for sitting and dining.

Above photo found on Google

It was hard not to order everything on the menu. The selections were nothing short of mouthwatering descriptions. I decided on the Omelet with Homestyle Potatoes, and a pancake on the side.



My husband went with the Chorizo style Corned Beef Hash, eggs, and biscuit. Let’s pause and talk about how light and flaky those biscuits were. The best biscuits you’d ever try. If you can remember your grandmother’s homemade biscuits made with love, hug her and thank her, because this might be her golden recipe. Simply perfect.


Our friend accompanied us for breakfast, and she ordered the Eggs Benedict with the Homestyle Potatoes. My mouth is watering as I type… (Probably because I missed lunch… I should really figure out eating something soon!).


Everything was tasting amazing… until I noticed my omelet ingredients were missing something… something that holds everything together on the inside…


I forgot to order CHEESE in my omelet! I remembered seeing cheese as an additional topping on the menu, but I didn’t pay that much attention to the add-ons.

Aside from not getting my cheese, and absolutely missing the taste of the melted ooey gooey substance… I’d give this cafe a double thumbs up!

And best of all, I didn’t have to cook!! #ihatecooking

Definitely add Rae Rae’s to your to-do list for delicious breakfast in St. Petersburg, FL.







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