How to Add Wheels to a Fold-up Table

My husband eats and breathes eCommerce and everything that it entails. In our smaller living space, there has been numerous occasions where we wouldn’t have a place to sit. A clear walking path to the bathroom is sometimes non-existent. Why? Because we have boxes and products to package up and ship out.

We needed to utilize our outdoor space as we didn’t have adequate room inside of our house. My husband had a marvel idea to package up all of our products outside. Perfect! …But it wasn’t, now we had a congested maze in front of our only door into the house. Then at night, it was a tiring process hauling everything into our shed. Needless to say, that idea became short lived.

Then the day came where my husband put this statement out there, “I wish I had a table with wheels. It would be so much easier to just put everything on the table and wheel it in the shed.”

That statement fell on deaf ears for a couple of days, until the chaotic maze became too overwhelming and, quite frankly, annoying.

I was randomly at Target, well not so random as Target is basically my second home. But I was looking for command strips and hooks, and happened to see some industrial looking wheels. I thought, “GRAB EM! If it doesn’t work, just return it.” That’s pretty much my motto with everything at Target.


Don’t believe the hype on the box stating no tools required – well at least not for this project; you’re going to need tools.

Tools needed (from my Apollo Tool Kit): 
     – Electric Cordless Screwdriver
     – Drill bit (size PZ1, depending on your project)
     – Needle Nose Pliers
     – Wheels (otherwise known as Casters, see the box above)

I wasn’t sure this was going to work. I also assumed the bottom legs of our fold-up table had holes in them to insert wheels, for whatever reason. Not exactly the case.

I didn’t want to just buy a table with wheels, it would probably be the wrong size for our shed. Also, we already had the fold-up table which fits perfectly.

Hmm… I needed to get the wheels to fit snuggly into the bottom, but the wheel prong was way too small. I tried a metal washer thinking I can some how mount it within the table leg. That never worked. I kept looking at the stoppers on the table legs and decided since those already fit, I’m going to try to get the wheels into the stopper… Oh great, the stopper doesn’t already have a hole!

So here’s what you’ll need to do next…

I located my awesome pink and black Apollo tool kit (that was also purchased at Target), and grabbed the needle nose pliers and the cordless screwdriver.

I’ve never done this before, so I didn’t know what to expect. All I could see in my mind was the end result (a table with wheels attached!), and hearing my mother preach to me that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me… and also remembering my dad making a bookshelf out of scraps. Ok, LET’S DO THIS (no instructions necessary, I guess)!

You’ll need to get a hole in the middle of the stopper. Drill a hole with the PZ1 drill bit.


The stoppers already have a faint circle in it; use that as your guide for where to put your drill. Drill until you feel the drill bit completely penetrate the stopper.

The drill bit will always get stuck in the stopper. Which is why you’ll need the needle nose pliers ready to pull the drill bit out of the “ditch”.

The next challenge was that the hole was too small for the wheel prong. You’ll need to make the hole larger. Use the needle nose pliers to expand the area by rotating the pliers back and forth while also pushing. This takes a while and will also take some strength! I wanted to do this by myself. There was no way I wanted to ask my muscle man, I’m too stubborn for that anyway.

Ensuring the hole will be large enough is simply many attempts of “guess and check” work. But finally the hole will be ready.

Of course there is another challenge, the stopper operates as a tool nut, making it hard to get the stopper on the bolt of the wheel. So you have to rotate the stopper on the wheel clockwise as if it is a nut, again using force.

Note: The first picture below is of an actual nut which you do not need. Only shown for the purpose of showing an example of a nut.


This process was not the most easy to maneuver on the first two wheels. It does get easier though. Just remember to basically screw on the stopper by rotating clockwise while also pushing with some force.

Once you have successfully rotated the stopper on the wheel bolt, it will look like this…

It’s not going to matter if your wheel bolt looks slightly off centered (like mine does). There is an opening at the bottom of the table leg where the stopper simply covers it completely, and the bolt fits snug inside of the table leg. That was the main reason for mounting the wheel to the table stopper, because the stopper is already designed to fit perfectly over the table leg without it slipping off. Now your wheel would also be secured on the table leg.


Next, add the stopper (with your new wheel attached) to your table leg, and repeat all of the steps.


That extra circular black piece came with the wheel. It’s not needed at all, I used it thinking it could be extra protection from hitting your toe or ankle. I don’t know, childproof maybe? LOL. Toss it if you can’t make up a purpose for it.

When you need to fold up your table again, just take the stoppers off. Then you’ll be able to fold and transport your table like usual.

TIP: I just thought of this extra cool feature –> You know if you ever attend a trade show, or are a vendor at an event, you already know the hassle of transporting your items from your vehicle to your booth. Well now you can simple open your table at your vehicle, put on the stopper wheels (they’re easy to put on and take off), load everything onto your table, and transport it inside without so many multiple trips! AWESOME SAUCE!

Here’s your finished project. A fold-up table with wheels!







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