Tips to Become More Confident and Extroverted

Most that know me, know that I am afraid of people. I’d much rather observe you from afar, and have conversations with you… in my head. Walk up to you, and strike up a conversation? Are you serious? No way! I’m not doing that.

Quick! Sit me down as I feel like I’m going to pass out.

We all have our special thing and/or reason that would deter us from feeling comfortable speaking with someone else. Whatever that might be, let me be the first to tell you, it doesn’t get easier… until you decide to not really care about yourself, and care more about that other person.

More often than not I would freak myself out, accelerate my own anxiety, and punk out and not even render a HELLO to someone else. I’m realizing that stems from my own personal thoughts worrying more about myself and what I feel is wrong with me. I’d even tell myself that:

– I don’t speak well enough
– They’re prettier than me
– They are more educated and have more skills than me (because you can tell by looking at     someone *rolling my eyes at myself*)
– They’re dressed better than me
– Why didn’t I wear heels instead of this “thumbs up t-shirt”
– Maybe I should have worn my hair differently, like maybe added my extensions
– Maybe my lipstick should have been darker, this color just looks dumb (when I loved it         before I left the house *again, rolling my eyes at myself*)
– I’m going to talk to fast and sound crazy
– I don’t have a business card to share my info
– What if they ask me questions and I have no idea how to respond because I’m                           panicking…

I could probably go on and on.

If this is also you, how about a show of hands in agreement? Or just silently nod, us introverts do not want to draw attention to ourselves!

I’m working on NOT telling myself these horrible things, and actually deciding to become an extrovert. But I need positive reinforcement.

I just watched this video (found on YouTube) that shared some interesting tips for becoming more confident. This beautiful woman shares her opinions and delivers the message very well. Can we say *EXTROVERT GOALS*??

Her YouTube channel does have more videos, check them out as well.

Watch this video and share your thoughts. Let’s all become a little more confident!


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