Amazing Burrito in St. Petersburg

We finally found it… a place that creates an amazing burrito in St. Petersburg. Not only were the burritos fantastic, so were the tacos, tamales, beans and rice. If I could insert a picture of the happiest taste buds, it would appear here –> _______!!

I cannot tell you how many times my husband and I choose Chipotle because we haven’t been able to find our “special” place for Mexican cravings. I happen to love Chipotle and all that it offers, but sometimes I want something that feels more local. Today, a whole new world became available to our desire for tortillas, seasoned beef and melted cheese.

Behold, we present to you… Red Mesa. Because today was our first time checking out this restaurant, we entered through the wrong doors. To our surprise, what was behind door number one actually looked like a piece of heaven. It was a Mercado (market)  equipped with foods for breakfast (can we just take a moment and imagine how incredible the breakfast burritos are?)… *Kahwa Coffee and pastries. All day long, they have a Cevicheria, serve **Empanadas, and Heat-n-Eat Meals. I was impressed with the fact that I can order food to take home, and heat it up when I get there.

*Kahwa Coffee – Roasted in Tampa Bay, Kahwa Coffee focuses on blends over single origin coffees in order to bring complex flavors to each cup.

**Empanadas – A Spanish or Latin American pastry turnover filled with a variety of savory ingredients and baked or fried.
SOURCE: Wikipedia



On with the food that we devoured in pure bliss…

Once you are able to make yourself leave the market (because learning the options available are so intriguing), you make your way to their outdoor patio space where you can place your order. This patio is beautiful with a completely shaded seating area, and ceiling fans with electric shades in the place of walls.

Good luck deciding on something to eat, because you’d want to try some of everything.


It’s hard to see that Frozen Drinks menu in the above pic, but it’s advertising Pink Lemonade, and a Tropical Sangria. I was sold at Sangria. It was blended so well and the flavors made me feel like I was sipping out of a pineapple with a garnished drink umbrella.

And then the good stuff was ready for pickup… We ordered Chile Relleno-Meat Burrito (as recommended by our server). It’s a cheese stuffed pepper placed inside of a burrito with shredded seasoned pork surrounding it… I can just stop here as the rest is history. Definitely adding this burrito to my future top 10 list for Best Amazing Burrito in St. Petersburg.




The other order was a Combo – Choice of Three. I went for the Pork Tamale, and two soft tacos – Chicken and Ground Beef, which comes with beans and rice.


The deep red color and ripeness of those tomatoes were perfection at its finest.



Of the two tacos, the ground beef was our favorite. The peppered seasonings paired so well with the lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes.

My husband and I split all of our food down the middle and shared it; the portions were quite hefty. This meal was definitely enough to fill us up throughout the entire evening. Make it a priority to give this place a try if you’re looking for an amazing burrito in St. Petersburg.

Red Mesa
1100 1st Avenue North
Saint Petersburg, FL 33705
(In the Edge District)


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