Never Underestimate Your Own Possibilities

In my head, I’m about as bougie as they come (as I write this with my glass of Cabernet Sauvignon gracing my lips in between writing). I needed to have a million pairs of shoes, several hundred handbags, and a fancy top with designer jeans – just in case I planned to go somewhere fancy. 

In my head, we live in a 6000+ square foot home on the Gulf, equipped with an infinity swimming pool that overlooks our private beach.

Also in my head, I never thought I would have been able to trade in having a standard kitchen, with at least two bedrooms and two bathrooms – to live in section of our home with a makeshift kitchen.

But guess what, I have proved myself WRONG. And the best part is that I’m OK with it and actually loving it.

My husband and I purchased a home in St. Petersburg, FL. Our overall home is a 3 bedroom/2 bath home with granite countertops and stainless steel in the kitchen. Not to mention our 15×15″ tiled kitchen floor, and everything was move-in ready. Absolutely beautiful. But being the goal oriented beings that we are, we decided to rent our home on AirBNB and live in the 1 bedroom/1 bath side of our house – oh, and we have a makeshift kitchen.

We (my husband, daughter, and I) have condensed our clothing and other belongings to a closet which is not larger than 12 sq. ft of space (queue the gasp!). Talk about a significant change in what I thought I needed.

However, my life feels more free and relaxed without worrying so heavily on what I’m going to wear. I let go of something so simple for a little more peace. Weird… It would take me a minimum of an hour (and then some) to get dressed. Almost 20 minutes of that would be trying on clothes. That might work well for some, but for me, it was added stress. Not to mention I had a grumpy other half wondering what the heck would be taking so long.

Below is the kitchen in our home that we rarely have the opportunity to use.



Oops, I mean after my wine pics. I just really love our granite and backsplash… and my wine looking terrific in its chilled glass LOL

20160225_182543.jpgFridge, Dishwasher, Microwave, Electric Range, Granite Countertops, cabinets, an actual sink (that I have taken for granted until you see the sink that we use in the next pic).


Yup, that’s all we use for washing 20 pieces of silverware and other utensils, and a couple coffee mugs, one pot, and two skillets. Everything else are paper or plastic that we can recycle: plates, bowls, cups.

Here’s our kitchen that we (I mean… that I use) quite often, and actually make pretty good meals!


Pictured above is a hot plate (yeah, just one) – otherwise known as my stove. Microwave, Toaster Oven, Coffee Maker, and a mass of other stuff including the shelves that I added. Looking at this pic, I’m probably going to switch out that Oak wood shelf (it’s hideous) and replace it with a long white shelf like the one below it (just thinking and typing out loud).


Thank goodness we have a full fridge! That was very important as I didn’t want to stuff a gallon of milk and full carton of eggs in a tiny table-top fridge.

Below is a pic of our pantry


It’s a minimalistic lifestyle, and OMG it’s working; but we have had our moments LOL. My husband and I have only had about two freak-out sessions each. Mine was initially a cry that turned into a combined psychotic laugh (it was awkward). I was frustrated with our tiny space! …Those freak-outs doesn’t happen much anymore.

The point is to never say what you cannot do, or won’t do. You really have no idea until you are in the situation. Once you are there, you can choose to roll with it and make it work, or complain and be miserable. You kind of have to ask yourself what is the most important and essential for me to live?

If my husband would have asked me a couple years ago if I would want to move out of state, buy a house, but live in the back without a kitchen… Of course my answer would have been… “No!”. I might have even responded with a scowl and silence. That would have definitely rendered a “NO! Absolutely not… moving on.”.

So what changed? I’m still the same person. However my goals and dreams have changed. I traded in my traditional mindset of how I thought I was supposed to live, versus what is actual and true, for us.

It’s funny how I once used to want to spend money on more expensive (and not second hand) items and buy a ticket to get on someone’s boat ride/party and look HAUTE! Now, I want to thrift shop for the same items for a fraction of the price, and figure out how to buy my own boat.

Don’t get me wrong, I find NOTHING wrong with the person that can shop til they drop, then go out for a night on the town and not even think twice about the bill. You are so amazing! …But for everyone else, you can find where you fit in too, just change your perspective and be true to YOURSELF.

Like I said before, I never would have wanted to live somewhere without a kitchen, and without more than 1 bedroom/1 bath (our entire space that we live in is knocking on 500 sq. ft.). When you realize you don’t have to be held captive in your own thinking of what your life is supposed to look like, your possibilities are endless! This is YOUR life. Live it how YOU want to. Try multiple things to find out what feels organic to YOU. Never underestimate your own possibilities.




4 thoughts on “Never Underestimate Your Own Possibilities

  1. Awesome post. I have been activity becoming a minimalist and doing well. I struggle because I want to tiny apt or home but then think about others coming over. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol I think about that too! The part about having people over. But what is helping to win me over is watching a show on Netflix called Small Space Big Style from HGTV. You would LOVE IT!


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