What Did AirBNB Send Us?

When AirBNB sends you a package in the mail, you get super excited and cannot stop smiling. It’s a certain kind of happy to get a gift in the mail without knowing that it’s coming.

This just happened to my husband and I (yaaaay us!). A pretty large box (well, TWO boxes to be exact) were shipped to us at our home address. We get packages all the time, mostly ones that need to be removed from our Amazon eCommerce store. Getting an actual gift rushed my excitement to a twenty on a scale of 1-10.

What was in this box? Oh, some pretty amazing household goodies from The Honest Co. . The Honest Co. specializes in non-toxic household products as safe alternatives to cleaning. Actress Jessica Alba is a Co-Founder of this brand.

Apparently, AirBNB found us from one of our tweets on Twitter. Go figure! Jonny and I have a little friendly debate going on for WHO’S tweet was actually the one spotted for this wonderful gift (even though it says my name on the card (LOL)… but he actually went back and forth with Air BNB in a positive way on twitter recently *shrugs*).


Anyway, the greatness packaged in this crate are actually pretty cool and interesting.

Check out the contents of what we received:






I absolutely adore that there are extra sanitary seals to ensure zero unwanted entries occur in the products. Yeah, I’m kind of a germ freak (maybe only in my head as I don’t own travel size hand sanitizer, kind of weird).

And can we talk about this adorable crate that I get to use even when the products are long gone?? LOVE IT!


This package came with actual sized products. We’ve already used the liquid Lavender hand soap… smitten. It feels so light and airy. And the soothing scent of lavender is spa-like refreshing.

When you visit their website, you’ll see more products that are offered that you might enjoy.

Huge Thank YOU and shout out goes to AirBNB and The Honest Co.!  XOXO

Disclaimer: We were not paid to review this product or mention Air BNB. Nor are we affiliated with The Honest Co. All reviews and thoughts are willingly shared and published.


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