Yesterday was Valentine’s Day?

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day? Really? One wouldn’t have known that in my household. There were no flowers, candy , balloons, or fancy dinners. The words Happy Valentine’s Day were never exchanged.

What did happen was that we all worked as a team in getting our house ready for our next Air BNB guests that were arriving later that evening. We started renting our home to guests in MN. That went pretty well so we used the same system here in FL since January 2016. BOOM! Another stream of income.

Photo Credit: ME *huge smile*

All of us had our special jobs including our little princess, who had to put her heels on.


Our bathroom was missing something. Wasn’t sure what it needed, but I thought fast and made a quick abstract design so I didn’t have to leave the house.


And then I sent the final copy of a flyer design to a client…


In addition to getting our home ready for a quick turn-over, my husband and I talked about adding another line to our joint entrepreneurial resumes. To say the least, we are not your average family LOL.

I really don’t remember the last holiday that we celebrated with actual gifts and time away from “our work”. But I definitely remember the last time we checked out our next potential project, that was last Saturday!

It’s not that we don’t celebrate holidays, because we do. But our days in between holidays are filled with eating fancy foods accompanied with wine or champagne more often than not. Sometimes, I like to grab the mister some cologne or a watch just because. With that, of course I’ve bought myself a little something also. But most of the time, our little princess is the recipient of everything. Maybe she’s spoiled *shrug*.

The point is that we don’t wait for the calendar to tell us what day it is supposed to be in our family. For us everyday is a new adventure, something to celebrate, or something to learn.


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