The Easiest Makeup to Apply

I am obsessed with Tyra Banks’ cosmetics line [Tyra Beauty] because it is literally the easiest makeup to apply.

Tyra Banks for Tyra Beauty

Every product [since launching in September 2015] has been designed with the consumer in mind. You can throw away at least half of your makeup brushes and expensive applicators.

Who knows how to use those tools anyway unless you are a trained cosmetologist or makeup YouTube junkie? Most of us are not either of those… and definitely don’t have the time.

Check out this video of me “putting on my face” in less than 10 minutes. It’s really the easiest makeup to apply, ever. I swear it feels like you’re releasing super powers of pretty with every stroke you put on. Thanks to Tyra adding in her super “Ty-glide” special formula, I can put on my makeup like a pro… and you can too!


If you have questions or would like to see the products that I have, contact me directly (leave a comment, call or text me). Or check out my Tyra Beauty website by CLICKING HERE.

DISCLAIMER for the video: I’m wearing a foundation and powder with this application. That lip color was a limited edition and no longer available. Since the video, we do offer another cheek in a stick (CIAS) which is the blush, in a shade of Peach. It’s my all time fav. We also have multiple colors of the eyes in a stick (EIAS) that creamy eyeshadow (swooning!).

That’s the beauty of this makeup, it can be mixed and matched with other products that you feels works for you. 2016, we will have our own foundation made for YOU! Keep watching and shopping, your makeup routine just got easier.

CLICK HERE to be directed to my Tyra Beauty cosmetics page.

I promise you will thank me for introducing you to the easiest makeup to apply.


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