Consignment Shop in Tarpon Springs, FL

My husband and I recently visited a consignment shop in Tarpon Springs, FL to purchase some items for Amazon. Finding this consignment shop was equal to finding a treasure, maybe even better. As soon as you open the door for the first time, anything (and everything) for ages 0 – 5 years old greets your eyes and steals your heart. Aunt Sarah’s Kids Consignment is the name of this gift to the community.


The outside of the store didn’t prepare me for what we would see after opening the doors. Displays stretched the entire length of the building with floor to ceiling visuals reminding me of the best part of being a kid.


Words cannot begin to express the site the was before our eyes.


Shelves full of any and every kind of stuffed animal that you could think of, ranging from Disney to Dora.


Just about any hobby a child would participate in is represented in this oasis of fun… biking, tap dance (I found our 4 year old daughter a pair of NEW tap shoes for $10.99!), musical toy instruments, puzzles, and so much more.


I’m very thankful we didn’t take our little princess with us. There’s a section full of costumes that she would’ve begged for.


If your little cuddle bug isn’t quite old enough to have a hobby or “make believe” session, don’t fret… there’s so much more that this consignment shop has to offer.


Strollers and toys for smaller children to play with…


Even boppies and blankets.


Also equipped with a reading nook, good luck leaving this consignment shop in less than 30 minutes.


Finally, where do you check out and pay for your new finds? It’s almost hidden as well!

This is a place that you must see especially if you have a little princess or prince on your hands.


Nina Carothers | Owner (also a published author on

712 S. Pinellas Avenue
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
Open Monday – Saturday
10am – 5pm
“We Rent Too!”

Stop in to explore this consignment shop in Tarpon Springs, FL – you’ll be very pleased.



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