Meet #GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso

I appreciate the message behind the words in the novel #GIRLBOSS written by Sophia Amoruso. This book doesn’t stop breathing after you’ve finish reading the last set of sentences on the final page. The words continue to live and resonate. Something about this book grabs the attention of potential entrepreneurs. If you already own a business, this is a great boost of finding your inner boss and letter her roar.

Amoruso’s words comes across as real and authentic; she is also the CEO of online retailer Nasty Gal. The message is encouraging and shows that anyone with determination and finding that THING that you love to do can be successful. Being connected to multiple jobs with different experiences helped to transform this dumpster diving vintage lover into a show stopping millionaire. Amoruso stayed true to herself in knowing her strengths, and weaknesses. This combination made her a force to be reckoned with, as she is listed as Forbes 400 Richest Americans – Ones to Watch.

Amoruso shows a lot of honesty and leadership that cannot be taught. She is proof that life experiences can be the best teacher as you learn to step into who you are supposed to be. Stay true to yourself.


Starting this book, I’d have to admit that I was taken back by how real Amoruso writes. Her personality shines through her writing as you get a feel for someone who is edgy, sets her own trends, and drops a couple of “F bombs”. This trait might seem a little intimidating with a dash of rebel; which turns out to be a perfect marriage for this thing called being your own boss.

The face of a CEO is changing. Gone are the days that all CEO’s have to wear suits and ties, and have their assistant fetch them coffee and hold their calls. We live in a world where the CEO title can be held by that guy over there – at the tattoo shop, paging through ink magazines for his next inspiration piece. Or even held by her – right there, the woman with freckles, natural hair, and hailing a cab.

If you have ever been fired from a job, or have actually had the courage to utter the words I QUIT!, maybe there’s a greater reason for doing so. Just maybe. Perhaps there’s a little fire inside of you that cannot be extinguished until you recognize what it is that you really should be doing.

Being a #GIRLBOSS (or boss in general) isn’t for everyone. To use the words in this book at its full potential, it takes a special kind of person that is relentless and willing to develop and grow. That person has to understand the rules, but know how and when to break them confidently. It’s the person that is the most confident in who they are, that cannot be told who they should be. That person is a #GIRLBOSS.




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