WingHouse – What is that on my plate?

I have reason to believe that I gave the WingHouse too much energy and hype (in my head) that it was going to be the best place ever for food.

When we moved to Florida months ago, this restaurant seemed to call my name and lure me with direct images teleporting straight to my imagination. I envisioned pictures of breaded and fried wings with sauces on the side in an array of flavors. Since it’s a place for wings, lets also cover the wings in sauce and take in the aromas of garlic, or sweet and spicy BBQ sauces, or maybe even buffalo.

This restaurant haunted me at least twenty times as we would drive past. Pulling me in and escalating the anticipation of delightful combinations of flavors dancing on my taste buds.

We finally had the chance to dine in at this bar & grill. Oh how I wish I’d looked online to find out the exact type of eatery this was. On the way in, my husband clearly said, “Are you sure you want to go in? It’s a bar.” as he’s looking at reviews. Of course I want to go in. This place and I have a special relationship.

Granted, I knew it was a bar & grill. I expected a place that was still family friendly with a menu of All American Bar Food, you know, burgers, other sandwiches, appetizers, and of course wings… To my surprise, this bar & grill was basically the cousin to Hooters. Not somewhere I would have openly taking our 4 year old daughter (having given the choice of another place) but we were all famished!



We ordered our food and took advantage of the deal for endless boneless wings for $9.99. Seemed like the right thing to do. Who’s going to pass up endless wings? Upon ordering, we found out the wings couldn’t be separated. We wanted to try two different flavors in one bowl. Seems easy enough. Half and half. Wrong, we were told this can’t happen. Queue the gasp! Huh? …What ended up happening, our two chosen flavors were combined on our boneless wings. Hmmm… OK. We rolled with it.

We were probably at this bar & grill mid afternoon, not many restaurant goers in the place at this time of day. So why did our food take so long? We didn’t order anything complicated, and it’s all-you-can-eat wing day! Shouldn’t the wings be made ready-to-order? I guess not. Our first order was served, it was OK.


Next, we wanted to get a little crazy and order more wings. Hello? All-you-can-eat! That means you better at least try to shovel in two servings.

My next order looked the least bit of appetizing. It was supposed to be Garlic Parmesan. My husband previously ordered it and his was great. My turn! Except, what the heck is on my plate?? Did that just come out of a baby’s… I’ll spare the details.


The flavor was actually pretty good. However, I honestly couldn’t get over the sight. Especially getting down to the bottom of the serving.


Thank goodness my husband’s plate looked a little more edible (below). The gold sauce is also Garlic Parmesan (looks better in a container). The other was a delicious Sweet Thai Chili.

Note to self: order the sauce on the side.


At least we had a fun waitress. She was cheerful and polite. I just clearly wasn’t ready for their uniforms combined with our 4 year old who already loves to have her belly out. My bad! My fault… Shouldn’t listened to Jonny who tried to save us before entering.


I probably won’t be back to visit WingHouse… unless I’m there for Happy Hour pretending to like sports on their multiple TV screens… but definitely without our daughter.









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