Hulk! …As in Hulk Hogan

Today ended up pretty cool…Working from home, I didn’t get out of my pajamas until around 3pm. I didn’t feel like leaving the house until I had a few boxes packed up and ready to be delivered to the UPS store (I run an business with my husband).

Sarai (our 4 year old diva princess) and I left home with our boxes in hand accompanied with tons of giggles. We always have to walk funny and fast carrying boxes that seems to get heavier with each step.

Sarai and I scurried to the UPS store’s door. Quickly waddled through while dividing a line of customers, as we plopped our boxes on the counter. Helping Sarai (pooh) to put her boxes on the counter, I heard a voice that said, “Hey, Merry Christmas.”

Not paying much attention to faces, while still trying to balance three small (but heavy) boxes on the countertop, I replied with, “Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too!”. Finally lifting up my head to see who was talking, there was a guy wearing a yellow bandana, sporting a sleeveless shirt, appearing very tan from the Florida sunshine… and then to top it off, he had the signature bleach blonde mustache! Even though this was a profile angled view, THAT man was Hulk Hogan! A double-take was very necessary.

Sarai and I ran off to the car to grab a couple more boxes and repeated the process as before. Then we said our final MERRY CHRISTMAS to another clerk, and we were on our way.

As soon as we got maybe five feet out of the doorway, I texted my husband immediately this message:


What was I supposed to REALLY do?? I had already left the store. Then I remembered that I’m a blogger and NEED stories to share… LET’S DO THIS!

My daughter and I sat out front of the store at the trolley waiting station. We only had to turn down one trolley pick-up on our quest for a pic.

Then we met another couple who seemed to be new to the area or just visiting. She commented about pooh doing some fancy tap moves and twirls. I mentioned that we were waiting for someone inside, and that it looked like HULK HOGAN! The woman said, “REALLY? Oh my! Let me get my camera ready.”

Soon after our quick chat, there he was, coming out of the store with locals shouting out, “HULK!” I walked around to greet him saying, “Can I get a picture? Do you mind?”

He smiled generously and said, “Oh sure! I don’t mind at all.”

I gave my phone to the lady that also had her tablet ready to snap a shot…

This had to be the worst picture prep moment… At the exact time she was about to snap the shot, my husband called lol. I rejected the call to get back in position for the shot. Then she said, “I’m looking at myself in the camera.” Grrrr, I was taking a selfie earlier… Hogan’s buddy looked irritated and snatched the phone out of the kind lady’s hand (lol).

I told the Hulk, “I’m sorry this is taking a while.”

He commented, “Oh, it’s OK. We’ve got nothing but time. We’re all OK.” all while he was still smiling and on the verge of laughing.

His buddy snapped the pic… CLICK… done.

This is our first pic.


I asked for another one just in case the first was going to be horrible (I should have stayed with the first one). I explained that I was a blogger and need the BEST shot.

Hulk commented as a sidebar conversation, “A blogger huh? Well I have to give you something to write about!”

I was scared, what was about to happen? I just started laughing, forgetting I was supposed to pose pretty… Then this happened…

Hogan Exclusive: This pic is only posted on this blog.


It was a fun experience, and we laughed quite a bit. I only wish I remembered to look cute as my daughter stole pic along with those guns!

Check out Hogan’s Beach Restaurant. We’ve never made it in yet, but we’ll give it a try. I just looked at their menu and saw All You Can Eat Crab!


2 thoughts on “Hulk! …As in Hulk Hogan

  1. LOL!!! Qwilla your so cute ,I was cracking up from the begin to the end … Pooh , did NOT 4get to pose …lol She was ready…. Hope you all enjoying your sunshine (COLD)in Minnesnowta… Hogan look the same… Love you cuz.. GOD bless and hi to the fam… Deouna

    Liked by 1 person

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