My Amazon Find Saved My Life

Thank you JESUS for this small desktop heater that I found while doing retail arbitrage for my Amazon store. It’s presence is coming in handy today!

I decided to keep this item and not send it in to an Amazon shipping center about a year ago. I figured I’m always cold; maybe I’ll use it when it is below 32 degrees in Minnesota and my husband still has an urge to turn on a fan.

When I purchased this fan, we didn’t have a clue that we would move to Florida in the upcoming months. But when the day came for us to move, I thought it couldn’t hurt to bring this with us.

“Why would we bring a heater?” was my first thought as I remembered the hot and sunny days as a backdrop to the beautiful palm trees outlining the gulf.  But then I also remembered visiting Florida and hearing from locals that “It can get very cold overnight here! You’ll need a jacket.”

I laughed at that comment on numerous occasions. How could it get COLD in Florida? Absolutely impossible, right? Well waking up this morning to 45 degree weather, it felt like the Arctic became our living room!

I knew my husband would veto my decision to have the heat turned on… so this baby here save our lives so we (Sarai and myself) won’t freeze to death lol



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