Lenny’s Restaurant | Clearwater, FL


Today was our first time visiting Lenny’s to cure our craving of a growling belly. My husband is the KING of research; he found this place on his online hunt to “who knows where”. But, this has to be one of my fav finds from him, definitely top 10. Eclectic, quaint, and welcoming doesn’t begin to describe this gem.

Front Entrance

The ceilings have fun messages written on vibrant colored… squares (lack of a better word lol).


Opened from 6AM – 3PM, upon entering the restaurant one is greeted with smiles and heavenly aromas from bagel sandwiches, all kinds of hearty breakfast meals, and lunchtime specialties.

We ordered a Meat Lovers Omelet and Corn Beef Hash with Home Fries and Sauteed Onions, not to mention the mouth-watering pancakes… Can we have a moment of silence for the plates that didn’t require a take-home bag? I’ll wait…



We were unaware that our meals were going to come with pastries. When our friendly waitress told us she’ll be back with our pastries, we expected maybe one. To our surprise we were served the following; one bowl of at least four tasty treats… for each of us!



We were both overly stuffed to complete our pastries and opted to escort them home for another time. That time became roughly two hours later. Those sweet treats were definitely made with love wrapped with a side of angels playing harps and singing hymns. Definitely worth the wait.

Check out Lenny’s on Facebook and LIKE them by CLICKING HERE. Whenever you’re in Clearwater, FL, be sure to stop in and prepare for a great experience.





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