Random Ramble – Pooh is Coughing!

This has to be the worst part of parenting, dealing with a child that doesn’t feel well. It doesn’t help that I can’t be around people that are throwing up. I’m totally Vince Vaughn in the movie Four Christmases when the baby throws up on his girlfriend…

Now imagine Sarai (Pooh) running to the bathroom to gag away. Then there’s me, outside of the bathroom door peeking in with supportive phrases like, “I love you”… “I know you feel icky”… “I wish I could make it all better”.

Why is this such a hard part of life for me to handle? Probably because her little face just looks exhausted and her energy level is low. Absolutely makes me feel miserable.

I know I have to be strong for her. She doesn’t need a mommy crying and looking pathetic. She needs a super woman mommy that can give her a million hugs, several thousand kisses, and feed her thirty-one popsicles a day.

Parenting is hard, but it helps to be a self motivator – giving myself pep talks to get back in the game and knock out that cold virus.

Oops, looks like this is all about me lol. The point WAS supposed to be: She isn’t feeling well. How many other mommies feel horrible that they can’t make their baby feel better immediately?

PLEASE share some mommy remedies for making toddlers feel better!


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