John’s Pass – Cool Style

Cool Style is a retail store/boutique filled with fun things to look at and purchase in an area called John’s Pass in Florida. Walls and floor space were decorated with beach fashion, swimwear and accessories. There were way too many items that kept my attention.

I was very impressed that I should finally be able to fit a swimsuit that didn’t come from Walmart’s plus size department. Although I did find a cute one at Walmart, Cool Style has swimwear tops that are equal to bra sizes… Here’s the best part… they carry sizes up to letter G! Can’t tell me that isn’t love.


Pictured above, this is a very small selection of what they actually have for swimwear options. There’s a large wall covered in styles.


The outfits and displays were very neat and organized.

These hair clips were absolutely adorable! Made in Hawaii, every vibrant color was represented for $9.99.


wpid-20151123_145123.jpg I did not want to take this FOSSIL watch off! For $145.00,  this watch could have joined me for eternity. But I decided to just add it to my Christmas list.

When you visit Cool Style, check in and say HI to Raina!

Cool Style
12921 Village Blvd.
Madiera Beach, FL 33708


2 thoughts on “John’s Pass – Cool Style

  1. I am forever grateful for this post! I live nearby and didn’t know this shop carried larger swimsuit top sizes. I usually “construct” something for my tops because nothing ever really fits and I hate feeling like I’m popping out. Thank you for sharing and I’m really enjoying your blog. Welcome to the area 🙂

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    1. Thank YOU!… I found this store to be a gem, I just had to share 😉 I’ve always had issues with swim wear, so I know what you mean about popping out lol. I’m impressed that you were able to “rig” a top to work!… I’m loving our new home here in FL! So much to explore. Thanks for the welcome, I really appreciate that!!

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