MARINA ORLOVA is #victorysimage!

risha 1

Marina Orlova – Tampa, Florida (originally from Russia)

Marina goes by her nickname Risha. Risha appeared in my instagram timeline when I searched hashtag Tampa (#Tampa). Granted many people have used #tampa in their posts, but Risha (@risha_ova) was one of the many where her image of victory stood out on the page through her pics.

Read her responses below to how she is her own image of victory.

Q: Profession? What gets you out of the bed each morning?
I’m studying Mass Communication and Advertising at USF (University of South Florida). Every morning I get out of my bed because of my classes, or meetings with friends.

Q: What makes you feel victorious?
A: I feel victorious when I did something right in an unexpected situation. Also, when I do something, and other people think that I [wouldn’t be able to do it].

Q: What advice would you give to another person following in your footsteps?
A: I guess believe in yourself and never give up. Never look for another person’s opinion, be confident in yourself. Only you know what is better for you in this life. So, live this life and enjoy your own journey!

Q: Do you have a “beauty secret” (either for makeup, OR personality)?
A: My beauty secret is my smile. I believe that when people smile, they look so beautiful!

risha 3


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