(Chapter 5) What Lies Between Two Worlds

When I stopped my partnership with Slimmy, I was months away from graduating with my Master’s degree at the University. Things were going well with Jade and I, the twins were doing excellent in school and even helping out with their sister Jordyn. Jordyn was four years old now. Since she was born, she was raised with the twins as her brother and sister. We never told her the truth, and we never will. There was no reason to complicate things and have Jordyn feel any kind of resentment towards her siblings, or us.

Jordyn already had such an outgoing personality like her mother. When she walked into a room, she demanded all of the attention. I was so proud taking her with me to drop off drafts at the university. The twins outgrew the age where hanging with dad was cool. To me, all three of those kids were mine. At some point during the week, I made it a priority to do at least one activity with the kids one-on-one, and also something with all of them including Jade.

Things were going excellent and according to plan. We were getting ready to move out of our current home and into something closer to the twin’s school they were accepted into. It was a prestigious private school approximately five blocks away from a six bedroom, 5 bathroom home that we were waiting to hear information back regarding our offer. I already knew the problem; I needed to verify how I had so much income entering into our checking account when my job at the university clearly wasn’t earning that kind of wage. That took a few weeks to straighten out, but I had a few tricks up my sleeve and got it done.

Graduation was now almost a week away. Jade was over the top supportive of me, making sure I had everything that I needed for my special day. She even planned my graduation party and went over the guest list with me, organized the location, food, and performances. Every party Jade created had to represent a certain level of social status. A buzz that people would be talking about for years to come. That’s what I loved about her though, she didn’t half step any task. If her or her family’s name was involved, there would not be a single detail missed.

It was the perfect day for my graduation. The sun was shining bright, the birds were singing their own melodies flying in the air. The twins and Jordyn didn’t have anywhere to be as far as basketball practice or gymnastics. The only thing on Jade’s calendar was the party later that evening.

Jade picked me up from work that day and said we had reservations with the kids at one of my favorite steak houses. I couldn’t express my enthusiasm grand enough. This place had the best T-Bone steaks in the town. I also loved going to that restaurant because they still had signs posted that read Whites Only. Although racism wasn’t completely an afterthought, that sign reminds me of how far we’ve come.

We sat at the restaurant in the front and was served by an extremely polite waitress. We always have great service in that restaurant.

After we left, Jade told me she had another surprise for me at home. I didn’t think the day could get any better. We arrived at home and Jade had a babysitter waiting for our arrival. Jade told me to not worry about anything, because that night was going to be memorable. She instructed me to go upstairs to get changed for the rest of the evening’ to wear something nice.

When I came back downstairs, Jade told me the babysitter had taken our kids to the movies, and the rest of the night belonged to us, to celebrate the occasion.

We arrived at the location for the party. Jade told me we were not going to park in valet this time. I found that strange as we always valet our vehicles. Instead, we pulled into a curbside parking spot, she leaned over and kissed me passionately then stated, “This will be our last kiss. When this party is over, you will not be going home with me. I packed your bags, they’re in the trunk. The motel around the corner is expecting you. We’re finished Clarence. You can keep the car, and your pathetic excuse of a man… I hope you enjoy this celebration. Consider it… a going away party.”

I was mortified. I felt like someone ripped out my heart and threw it on the ground. I got out of the car and tried to process what happened. It took everything in me to keep myself from sprinting around the car to connect her face to the steering wheel. At that moment, my anger wanted to bash in her skull until she was no longer recognizable or providing a pulse.

However, because I would never violently put my hands on a woman, I opted for the alternative. I numbly walked into the party, collected my dignity, and made it a point to be in her eyesight where she could see me enjoying the night. Although I was maneuvering and handling myself professionally, I felt intense emptiness and hostility. I was demoted to leftover mud on the bottom of her shoe.


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