It’s Always Working Out For You

Source: It’s Always Working Out For You

I deeply appreciated reading this blog today. This is a hard concept to grasp as we’re conditioned into thinking we are the ones to make things happen.

Backing up and clarifying this idea a bit, yes, there are things that we have to work for, as in put in the effort. But what we have to remember is to focus on the positive, be kind to yourself, and allow yourself to live in the moment and take in all that is has to offer.

If we can look at bad situations as the next step to get to where we need to be – working through it – and finding solutions, versus saying the negative and opposite, phrases like: nothing good ever happens to me, my life suck, what is the point of trying, etc… staying positive not only opens up your possibilities, but it also releases a feeling of peace.

This is something to practice and implement into our everyday lives. I can be honest in saying that I haven’t mastered this just yet. But I do my part in staying positive to a certain degree.

How do I do it? I remember that a higher power is in control. If I surrender my need to “be in control”, I can find my peace, and let things just be how they are. I like the blog this post is in reference to as it mentioned to become one with the universe. What does that mean to me? To surrender your control, and go with the flow. If you cannot physically change a situation, let it go.

I am choosing to believe that I am successful. I am choosing to believe that I all of my needs are taken care of. I am choosing to believe that my wants are minimal. I am choosing to believe that I can accomplish my goals and dreams. The challenge with even choosing this path is that more often than not, those affirmations are said when the they haven’t manifested yet. To some, it feels like it’s a lie. But it’s not. It’s being positive and attracting what you want in your life.

When we say the phrase “it’s always working out for you”, and then start to believe it, magic will happen. Things will change in your favor. You can find your peace and happiness.


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