Wine Time Travel Buddy™ is now $6.99

Wine Time Travel Buddy™ is a product to carry your wine with you wherever you may go. Specifically used at the beach, the lake, on a boat, at the swimming pool, hiking, a day in the park, at an outdoor concert, going to a backyard BBQ, etc. Basically anywhere you are prohibited to have glass, you are permitted to have this item, as it is plastic!

Two more attractive reasons to have your own travel buddy:

  • BPA FREE – the taste of plastic will not transfer into your wine
  • Recyclable – after a minimum of 50+ uses, and it’s time to purchase another wine carrier, you are more than welcomed to recycle this carrier

We are now offering this carrier for $6.99! CLICK HERE to get yours.

We would love to have your feedback on making this product even better. Please leave a review on our page by CLICKING HERE, after you have received and tried out your new Wine Time Travel Buddy™.

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