ERIN SHELBY is #victorysimage!

Erin 1Erin 3
Erin Shelby – Brooklyn Center, MN

Q: Profession? What gets you out of the bed each morning?
A: I’m a leader with Tyra Beauty. I spend my days working with clients – getting them makeup that is most suitable for them and their lifestyle, and coaching a team of women who do the same.

Q: What makes you feel victorious?
A: In three short months I have become one of the top leaders in Tyra Beauty. I am so blessed and proud to lead the team of women that I do.

Q: What advice would you give to another person following in your footsteps?
A: Just go for it! The hardest part is always taking that leap and getting started. Find yourself a mentor and a coach and just do it. It’s so worth it.

Q: Do you have a “beauty secret” (either for makeup, OR personality)?
A: Of course Tyra Beauty! I finally know what I’m doing when it comes to makeup. Thanks, Tyra!

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For more info on Victory’s Image, and what we are talking about, click this link!


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