JAQUETTE GILBERT is #victorysimage!

JaQuette Gilbert – Columbia, SC I found this beautiful soul on instagram. Gilbert’s page shouted with joy and positivity. With pics of her family, and motivational quotes to inspire greatness, she is someone to get to know. Currently residing in South Carolina, check out how she is her own image of victory when asked the following questions. Q: Profession? … More JAQUETTE GILBERT is #victorysimage!

I Have Bad Days Too

I have a tough position, one of which I honestly wasn’t aware of. I am not oblivious to the fact that everyone goes through something. Something in the terms of negativity, violence, bad doctor’s report, unsatisfied self image, financial situations, just life altogether. But what I am blinded to is why I AM NOT allowed to share my situations … More I Have Bad Days Too

LEE DAVENPORT is #victorysimage!

Lee Davenport – Atlanta, GA (Detroiter by birth, Atlanta Peach by choice!) I met Davenport on Instagram (@learnwithlee.realtor). Her page looked interesting, informative, and fun. I searched the hashtag Atlanta (#Atlanta) to find women who are engaged with their life and loving every moment of it. Davenport’s page demonstrated how she is her own image … More LEE DAVENPORT is #victorysimage!

Random Ramble…

I am a victim of crying when I’m angry. Not because of the situation, but because I analyze the consequences of treating people the way they treat me. I think about what could really happen if I follow through and retaliate an emotion built on a foundation of hate and frustration. Nothing positive can flourish from … More Random Ramble…