Watch Your Words. They Become YOUR Reality.

How many of you say things like, “I’m so stupid”, “my life suck”, “FML”, “nothing good ever happens”,  “I’ll never get a husband/wife”, “I’ll never be able to afford buying a home”, “I’ll never be able to travel”, etc etc…

If you do that, fine… But guess what?… That is exactly what you will attract more of in your life – all of the things that you DON’T want.

It’s a vicious game of reaping what you sow. If you are planting good seeds: seeds of hope, seeds of prosperity, seeds of courage, seeds of winning, even seeds of helping others…THAT is what you will manifest in your life!

“You don’t get what you want, you get what you focus on.”


No one can doubt that maybe those things are true (all of the bad stuff that we deal with throughout life). But the key is NOT to talk about those things. And by the way (btw), It’s not good conversation. Because you know what else happens when you’re sharing your “problems” with someone else? It forces them to agree with you. NOW, you’ve brought in agreement of negativity in your life. We need more enforcement of positive aspects and encouragement!

The best thing that you can do in a bad situation… is to zip – your- mouth! If it’s not going to be something positive that you are saying, say absolutely nothing at all.

Watch the quick video below of a few celebrities with their opinions of how to be successful.

Let me warn you, IT IS HARD! But it is an act of discipline. Ask my husband, when bad scenarios happen in our world, I will NOT comment about it in a negative way, not ever. I can’t. I have too much at stake. I have too many challenges to overcome. If I ALLOW myself to become a victim of my circumstances, there’s NO WAY I can accomplish all of the dreams in my head. WHY? Because of a little thing called, mind over matterI work to prove to MYSELF that I can have the lifestyle that I want. Choosing to focus on the positive things will produce more of that. The way we live our lives is a choice. No one can be blamed except for ourselves (with an emphasis on how we think, and what we say about situations).

What kinds of things do I FOCUS on telling myself? Well for starters, despite how I feel, I tell myself that I have energy. More often that not, I really feel sluggish, zero energy, absolutely lazy. But what keeps me going is knowing my daughter is watching me. What I do with my life doesn’t only impact just ME anymore, it also trickles around me to my daughter and husband.

Let’s try very hard to make it a positive day. Just one day at a time. When there’s an opportunity to choose to be positive, try it out! Then realize how you feel afterwards. With practice, it gets much easier. Start to tell yourself:

– You deserve great situations
– You are worthy of happiness
– You can accomplish your dreams
– You are beautiful
– You are creative
– You are strong
– You have everything you need to be successful
– You are smart
– You are a great mom/dad
– You are a great husband/wife
– You are a great boyfriend/girlfriend
– You are a great daughter/son
– You are a great sister/brother
– You are a great business woman/man

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