RENAE BROWLEY is #victorysimage!

Renae Browley – Minneapolis, MN

Q: What gets you out of the bed each morning?
 I am a Stay-at-home Mom, Wife, Realtor, Real Estate Investor, and Network Marketer with Total Life Changes!!

Q: What makes you feel victorious?
A: It’s really very important to me to give GREAT VALUE to my family, friends, and clients/customers. When I get feedback that I’m providing that value to someone it makes all the hard work worth it, and makes me feel Victorious!! I feel that God has blessed me with the ability to connect with people on a genuine level, and to pour into them as a reflection of what God has blessed me with. I AM VICTORIOUS when I give great Service!

Q: What advice would you give to another person following in your footsteps?
I would advise everyone to GO FOR IT! Life is far too short to live a life of ordinary. I’m not saying you have to have lots of money, or have a specific lifestyle…. but I am saying to find what path would truly fulfill your DREAMS and GO FOR IT! There are way too many people in life that are just following someone else’s path, because they don’t know how to break into their own! Find a few people that can encourage you and inspire you, and step into your “YOU”!

Q: Do you have a “beauty secret” (either for makeup, OR personality)?
Be Real! Seems simple enough… but no really! Be Real!! You do NOT have to make it look a certain way, you do NOT need to know all the answers, you do NOT need to have it all together! The fact that we are all human, means that we are going through bumps and bruises! We are going to fall before we walk, and we are going to stumble even when we walk!! Be transparent!! Some of the greatest motivators and successful people are totally transparent and don’t pretend that they were always great! Your struggle is simply building your SUCCESS story!! No one can typically relate to someone that never had to work for anything or never had anything bad happen to them. But when you STRUGGLE, the reality is that so does pretty much everyone else! So when you can share that, people will connect with you and you will be able to help someone else who also shares those same struggles!! YOU GOT THIS!! Just be REAL!!

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For more info on Victory’s Image, and what we are talking about, click this link!


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