TONYA RICHARDSON is #victorysimage!

Tonya Richardson – Champlin, MN

Q: Profession? What gets you out of the bed each morning? 
A: Postal Employee & Business Owner

Q: What makes you feel victorious?
When I can complete the smallest of tasks and technology cooperates! Nothing is worse than a jammed printer or extremely slow download! LBDA!

Q: What advice would you give to another person following in your footsteps?
A: Don’t wait! Start today. Time wasted is time wasted. Make sure you have (and STAY around) support! Don’t spend time with people who show you that they don’t support you; that just makes it easier for you to lose focus.

Q: Do you have a “beauty secret” (either for makeup, OR personality)?
Rest rest & more rest! I know there are a million and one things to do in a day but NOTHING can substitute for good rest. Also for me, a huge priority is to hydrate! Inside and out. Drinking lots of water along with using a good moisturizer.

Note: If you’d like to be featured for this #victorysimage post, post a pic on instagram or twitter and use hashtag
#victorysimage. Let me know in your post your city and state, and how you are your own image of victory!

For more info on Victory’s Image, and what we are talking about, click this link!

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