I Had to Change My Deodorant…

In Minnesota, I used the same deodorant for “x amount” of years. It has been Secret Outlast Invisible Solid (keep it fresh 48 HR) since I could remember. Fast forward ahead to moving to Florida, the atmosphere (as you might imagine) is quite different than that of Minnesota. One day, well when I noticed something different needed to happen, my pits didn’t feel dry like I’m used to… LOL, I know, that’s a little weird to admit – but “being ashamed” went out of the window during my nine months of pregnancy.

With this “new discovery” I had to do something differently. What was working before, clearly wasn’t working once I was exposed to a different environment. Dove Advanced Care was spotted and introduced to my armpits that were screaming for a change in routine!

In one of my other posts, I talked about my life being a metaphor with “Relax, and Stay Above Water“. My little deodorant situation also brought on a new realization – about life.

Often times, I think that what have worked in the past will definitely work with my current situation. Going around doing the same routine and wondering why results aren’t changing. Hmmm… well let’s use my armpits as an example again (comedic relief LOL). Whatever was going on with my glands in MN, using a certain product, was NOT going to work for the long haul in FL. Granted it worked for a while, but that time very quickly ran out. If we pay attention, our “routines” will let us know if it is exhausted and something needs to change. The key is just to pay attention and assess your own situation. No one will be able to tell you what isn’t working, or what is (for that matter). Going back to my pits (I crack up even writing “my pits” – I’m so immature sometimes lol) – but no one would’ve been able to tell me that my deodorant wasn’t working anymore… or would they??

Let’s visit that for a moment… Over time, even a couple of days, someone MIGHT have been able to tell me something wasn’t right – perhaps even a smell (thank goodness I didn’t get to that point LOL)…

But the point is when you need to make a change, in whatever you are doing, YOU will know it. The choice is still up to you if you choose to listen or not. That also serves true for if you don’t listen and don’t pay attention to your own situation, someone else “might smell your pits”, try to tell you, but you get offended and choose not to listen (we’ve all been there).

You can either stay the same with options that are not working, and making you and everyone else around you uncomfortable. OR you can change your habit/routine and see what else might work for you. We are such fluid human beings – things, plans, ideas can all change and reroute… and that’s OKAY. “Change YOUR deodorant!”



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