Situations = Seasons; Both Are Inevitable to Change. Put On Your Boots.

I recently spent the day back in my hometown of good ol’ Minneapolis, MN. I’ll never hate the state that gave me life, the place that welcomed and embraced many of my first adventures: school, my first car, getting married, having our daughter, owning a boutique, and building a foundation of lasting friendships. A place that I can forever call my home – a place that created great memories, as well as support during life changing scenarios.

Although I love Minneapolis, I also knew when it was time to leave. Not speaking in a negative sense, this is coming from a place of growth. You know how at a certain age, one might expect their parent(s) to bless them and send them off into the world? I feel like Minnesota did just that, for me. It was time to move on to the next season of my life; I was ready, and apparently learned some lessons – I must’ve had my boots on (read until the end for clarification).

It’s funny how one might only think of a season as being short term, like a job position, moving into a new house, or even the natural (and actual) seasons of our planet: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. What if a season (relating to a situation) is actually something that could go on and on (in a repetitive way) until we learn a lesson, adapt, and graduate to the next level?

An interesting correlation about our natural seasons is that it is repetitive, and inevitable to change. Which could either be good or bad. And just like the seasons, we can find ourselves in situations that can also be repetitive, but also inevitable to change. How many times have you been faced with a challenge that you just dealt with (or pacified) a couple of days/weeks/months before? It soon appears like nothing will ever change… But it does, only when we change by becoming better prepared.

Think about Winter – the snowy kind with blizzards and you’re stuck in your driveway from being plowed in… in our Northern states, this happens every Winter, sometimes more, sometimes not as harsh- but it happens.

Now picture Summer – The kind that gives your skin a sun-kissed glow as you’re wearing less clothes and open-toed shoes… again this happens every Summer, sometimes the conditions are bearable, sometimes you might want to pull your hair out. But the key is how we adapt. We always get through the season/situation, the challenge is did we prepare well or get bent out of shape.

If you have special dreams or goals to accomplish, how are you preparing to adapt and progress in your season? What are you doing to take the necessary steps that will propel you into a new level within your same situation? You can be in your season for a while. But if it’s Winter and you have great boots, Winter doesn’t seem as bad, and that time will pass quickly. Put on your boots and progress in your season!


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