Daddy/Daughter Bond

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There’s absolutely nothing better than being able to put your feet up, finish your bottle of bubbly moscato, and attempt to watch How To Get Away with Murder… This episode didn’t make it past the first 5 minutes as it’s volume was drowned out by the sounds of my husband putting away the food, loading the dishwasher, and getting pooh ready for her shower… *sigh… sip… and she’s smitten*.

There is nothing more attractive than a father interacting with their child… well, unless he happens to be cleaning something along the way! The emotions felt when you hear your husband and daughter chatting, laughing, and overhearing a lesson being taught is priceless.

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Why does it matter so much to see (and have) that father/daughter interaction?

Well for me, I grew up with both of my parents doing everything together: grocery shopping, going to church, going to the auto shop as my dad would look for break shoes to fix our broken down vehicle (at the time, I didn’t understand why cars “wore shoes”, but I went with it… in my defense, I was probably seven years old and the concept of shoes for a car didn’t make sense).

Both of my parents worked, however they took turns: before I started Kindergarten, my dad worked and my mother was home with me. When I turned five years old, my parent’s roles reversed and my dad was home with me as my mom worked. Both of them were so instrumental in my development. I feel so blessed to have had both of my parents involved with what the heck I was doing as a child. The only thing that separated my parents was my dad passing away when I was nine years old – four days after my birthday. But nevertheless, the time that I spent with him, set the bar VERY HIGH for whomever that would be in my future for a date, and/or take my hand in marriage.

It was my dad that would help me with my homework. It was my dad that would cook the meals while my mother was at work. It was my dad that would take me to the library, walk me to school, spend time with me at the park, make sure I took a nap, and taught me how to sit with a dress on and not show off my rainbow brite panties.

But when my father passed away, it was like we went with him. Things felt like it dramatically changed, life stopped… for a while. I can remember sitting in my classroom at school completely there physically, but definitely not mentally. I questioned “why MY daddy?” more often than not. That just proves that when you have a father that is irreplaceable, he shows up everyday ready to be a dad (and husband), and ready to protect you and his family, his absence is eerie and greatly noticeable.

So when your husband takes a genuine interest in his child, the emotions felt brings on a sigh of relief. It feels like you’re not alone. And for me, I can’t help but reminisce the comfortable feeling of being with my dad until the age of nine.


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