What Made Me Want to Join Tyra Beauty?

I joined Tyra Beauty for a few different reasons…

For starters, I LOVE groups, programs, or businesses that are designed with connecting women and empowering them. Groups that encourage women to feel good about themselves, and also to step outside of their comfort zones and embrace a new world with a new attitude. All it takes is to have a NEW prospective on life, and change your mind that you want something greater in life.

We’re all trained to go with the flow of how society TELLS US we should live our lives: go to school, get a degree, get a great job, have a family, try to be happy until you leave this earth… Ugh! I think they left out spend QUALITY time with your family, play in the sun, read a great book, stop and have coffee at a locally owned coffee shop, travel and enjoy good food!

I’m ALL FOR GETTING A GREAT EDUCATION, I’ll never knock that. You DO need to learn and grow constantly!! But the point is that there is more to life than working to only pay for your bills. THAT theory makes my anxiety skyrocket to gross and uncontrolled emotions, dang near depression.

I used to work in “the corporate world”. I entertained that industry for about 8 of my precious years. Did I learn anything? Sure, how to be the best in customer service. I loved having that structure of a scheduled day: wake up, get dressed, go to work, lunch, breaks, clock out for the day around 5/530pm. Did I feel fulfilled or satisfied? Absolutely NOT. Those jobs just paid my bills (which was a great thing, I NEEDED that). BUT I felt like there was something else out there for me!

Tyra Beauty has given me a great journey of freedom, extra cash in my pocket when I need it most, new friendships, and the makeup is AMAZING which feels like an added BONUS. I can’t express how much my team’s effort and support has helped to enjoy this path. I’m able to do as much or as little as my body desires for the day. I don’t have to worry about NOT being able to take my daughter to dance class, or call in to request the day off if I’m feeling like allergies or back spasms are kickin’ my butt for the day!

I’m excited for this new opportunity, as it makes me feel beautiful, free, and it’s so much fun!!

Check out the video below of what made me pull the trigger and join this movement. If you would like to join my team, let me know and don’t hesitate.

Email: aquillacarlson@gmail.com
Call/Text: 612.298.4939
Click here to join my team – it’s an investment of only $59.00!


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