What is Direct Selling?


What is Direct Selling?? A lot of people do it all the time without knowing that they are doing it:

– posting a pic of your new hair style
– posting a pic of the food you just ordered at a restaurant
– giving your opinion of a movie you just watched
– sharing info about your fav drink
– posting pics of your kids at a park
– posting pics of your hotel you have for the weekend
– ETC…
ALL of that is simply SHARING something that you enjoy. What does it do for someone else? It opens up that flow of communication to check out what you’re talking about and to see WHY you like it so much. Direct selling is basically sharing YOUR opinion and review.
There are parts of it that is HARD WORK:
– “concentrating” on trying to get a sale
– “concentrating” on trying to get others to sign up under you
– going out to try to talk to new people to spread the word about your product
– putting together a plan to make your idea of your new product GROW
It is hard! But if you think about the following:
– this is your DREAM – to not work for someone else
– this will allow you to meet new people
– if you HATE working behind a desk or in a cubicle
– if you dread Mondays and live for Fridays
– if you wish you have more time to spend with your family
– if you wish you didn’t have to pay for daycare
– if you wish you could work when you FEEL LIKE IT versus when you’re told to
– if you want an unlimited ceiling for how much money you can earn
– if you want to be your own boss
– if you want to give yourself and your family a lifestyle without limitations
– if you DO enjoy posting what you enjoy on social media…
Direct Selling is an incredible option for you!
If you’re looking to QUIT your 9-5 and replace that with Direct Selling immediately, you’ll be disappointed and frustrated. BUT… … … OH THERE’S A BUT!!!… if you’re looking to TRANSITION into something that better suits what you want out of life, and you can earn extra income on the side of your 9-5, and as you feed your business and watch it grow, you will definitely be able to replace your 9-5 over time!
Everything worth having, takes a little bit of time. If you have SOME time, and drive, you WILL start to see your life change in a great way.

If you’d like more info for joining me on my team, HOLLER! Hit me up! You will never be alone or totally confused. The support that we have is very beneficial, and you’ll be excited that you started!


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