Just Wingin’ It

oops liner aquilla.jpg

I have no idea why I felt way cuter with my head cocked to the side lol… but I finally tried out my OOPS LINER! I haven’t had a good wing from eyeliner in years. The last time I even used liquid eyeliner was in high school, 15 years ago.

I’m not used to this look yet, and it was hard to do. Not because of the eyeliner, just trying to get my wing cute and even on both sides.

Thank goodness for the OOPS side! What’s the OOPS side? It’s the corrector side that erases your eyeliner mistake. A couple of times, my “wing” was too thick and it looked so silly. Then I erased… fixed the edges… tried again… erased again…  fixed the corners… and then… WOOT WOOT! I DID IT… Perfect wing!

My full look with Tyra Beauty:

– Menage a Brow (eyebrows)
– Oops Liner (liquid eyeliner/corrector)
– Smack My Fat Lash (mascara, top and bottom lashes, applied only 2x)
– What Lipstick? (Color: Ask For A Raise – matte finish)

>> Click this link to purchase your OOPS LINER <<

oops liner aquilla 1.jpg


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