Making Memories on my birthday 9/24

aquilla 7

I’m 34, and feeling like 21!! Where has the time gone? I can still remember high school like it was yesterday; where homework was the only “thing to worry about”. I can still remember being excited for turning 18 – feeling “almost grown” to watch rated R movies with “adult content” lol… I was pretty sheltered growing up, and I feel like I sheltered myself… WHO else do you know that seriously waited until age 21 to even try alcohol?? …Yup, this girl right here!! But that reminds me of my FIRST drink, it was Alizé…


I thought Alizé was “too strong” so I mixed it with fruit punch… WHO does that?? LOL. But anyway, the memories are the best part about getting older – you’re able to create new experiences that will soon be only a memory. We have to remember to cherish each and every “first event” in our lives to make it something worth remembering. And it can, and will be, ANYTHING… your first time walking or driving around your new neighborhood… your first time trying a new food… your first time checking out a movie in a theater by yourself… your first time going on a date with a different person… your first time trying a new product (makeup, phone accessory, or candle scent. The possibilities are endless).

Yesterday was my FIRST time celebrating my birthday in Florida while actually living there. Last year was my first time celebrating my born day in Florida, but we were only visiting during the week. Both were great “first time memories” that I greatly appreciate.

aquilla and jonny

That pic above is with my husband Jonny 🙂  This was right after our happy hour at the Palm Pavilion. Such a beautiful bar & grill… and the view of the beach is amazingly stunning. However, taking advantage of the happy hour drink special… that lead me to my graceful fall on the beach lol (pic below).

aquilla5 aquilla 11


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