What rhymes with mom? WINE!


This mommy business is WORK! I struggle often on balancing being a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and have time for myself. Some nights I don’t go to bed until the morning (ugh! That second energy is for the birds, mines seems to kick in around midnight LOL)… Which means I may not be drifting off to dreamland until 3am.

Which brings me to waking up early. Early for me is crawling out of bed between 10:30am – 11am… On a good day (or sometimes just because I can’t sleep), you can find me around 8:30am as a clone of a zombie – parading around in pajamas – with my one cup of coffee and laptop. What am I doing awake so early after only 5 hours of sleep??

Since I don’t work a 9-5, I work a 24-7… But at least I choose my own hours. Most of the time, I can’t get much completed before my little one tip-toes in the room to find me. No matter how ANNOYING she was before bedtime (or will be later in the day – it never fails), her awesomeness shines through as soon as she wakes up, finds me, and wants a hug.

She’s only 4 years old, and she demands attention (I’m sure as with every 4 year old). So what do you do?… drop everything and attend to the diva princess. Well that’s what I’d like to do. But that doesn’t happen as I force myself to keep working on my projects (either scouting for Amazon deals, or marketing my Tyra Beauty business).

NOT THE EASIEST to do after “diva princess” is running all around the living room, saying she’s hungry, or thirsty and only wants strawberry milk, and ONLY mommy can get it for her… UMMM, she acts like daddy isn’t in the house with us! Ummm, daddy is even in the kitchen at the time!!

So then what do you do? Bounce back and forth from watching reenactments of Frozen’s Let it Go, to posting a selfie of wearing your fav lip color…  and then cross your fingers it’s already AT LEAST 4pm to have that glass of wine that will make it all better.

drink wine out the bottle

Hard work? … CHECK
Worth it? …YUP

What makes it worth it, the time that we can actually spend with her when she’s smiling and having a good time.

Aquilla and Sarai

Smh, she decided to come and pounce her way into MY selfie! She actually pouts if she can’t be in the pic… It’s time for another glass of wine.

wine mommy


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