Florida Sunrise


My family and I just moved to Clearwater Beach, Florida (coming from Minneapolis, MN) about two weeks ago. We drove the entire way with only about 5 hours in total stops (including sleep, or lack there of). That drive became a nightmare towards the end, we were all tired and hallucinating, AND there were construction zones EVERYWHERE.

We did see beautiful scenery along the way. Tennessee is one of the most beautiful places with the Foothill mountains and valleys overlooking waterways. Some of the hills going through the mountains were pretty steep, in the sense of feeling like your breaks might give out and any moment (a little scary).

The pic in the post is right off from our new balcony. We get to see gorgeous sunrises everyday! I’m generally not an early riser, but I happened to wake up just in time to catch this peaking through our bedroom window, then I went to the living room balcony for a better view.


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