“As You Think, So Shall You Be.”

Whatever you think about the most, is what you will have and receive. Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad.

If you DON’T want a certain thing to show up in your life, stop thinking or worrying about it. For example, if you worry about bills, getting sick, or even getting laid off at work – the more you think about those things, the odds are greater for that to show up.

If you focus on moving out of your current situation, for whatever reason – “I want a better job… I need to change my scenery… I want a better life for me… etc.” – just like worrying, focusing the same energy in a different way will produce results to make THAT thing happen.

Some of us actually have believed the stories being told that we can BECOME ANYTHING THAT WE WANT WHEN WE GROW UP… Why? How come some of us have believed that, and others have not? I believe that what we think is also a development of our surroundings (good or bad). Good or bad either scenario influences what and how we think.

Knowing that, either scenario can be altered or changed, if we want.

Try it… start focusing on something, there isn’t a special formula or specific time frame… but think about something, maybe it’s a family trip, maybe it’s making $200 more in income a month, maybe it’s something so simple like wanting a specialty cup of coffee next Friday before work… Once the thought is made, and focused on, you’ll find a way to make it happen, then the universe cooperates and aids in that decision.


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